Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fire preparation

One day there will be a fire in or near your dairy, or at a neighbours. A modern dairy with all the bits and pieces can easily cost more than half a million dollars. What is your fire preparation plan?

It should consist of identifying your potential sources of fire - eg:
1. Machinery room
2. Grain milling and mixing
3. Anywhere there is power - eg office, drafting gate etc.

Have one (or more) fire extinguishers appropriate for the type of fire, in a handy place. Handy means near the potential source of fire, but still accessible.

Make it obvious to anyone who is in the dairy where they are. This could include signs like the following (printed on A4 paper and laminated, stuck to Vat, where only a blind person could miss it):

Add some indicators at the actual place of storage:

While you have the printer and laminator running, you might like to do some signs for other hazards -eg hot water:

nb: This post  is not a substitute for professional advice or common sense. General disclaimers apply.

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